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    At American Air & Heat, your family’s health is, and will always be our top priority. We are taking steps to keep our team healthy and your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We are doing all we can to keep our clients and team healthy by Reducing touch points and time in your home. Also all Technicians will be Wearing Floor Savers/Shoe Covers, Rubber Gloves, Masks at your request.

    Rest assured, after each call we are disposing of those items in a sanitary fashion. We are continuously assessing the situation and working to make thoughtful decisions. We’ll move quickly to adapt appropriately as new information becomes available.


    A/C Replacement & Installation


  • Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation for Your Florida Home

    With regular maintenance, an HVAC unit can last for 15 or even 20 years. But all good things must come to an end, and that includes your unit. If your unit is aging or goes out completely, we can recommend quality products for replacement. We will see the installation of your new HVAC through from start to finish, beginning with selecting just the right HVAC system for your home and ending with a licensed American Air and Heat HVAC technician replacing your old unit with a brand new one. If you need to replace your AC unit with a brand-new installation, call American Air and Heat: Florida’s most trusted HVAC company.

    Signs You Need to Replace Your A/C Unit

    Do you suspect it’s time to call and schedule a replacement for your A/C unit? Don’t wait until it goes out completely and leaves you suffering in the heat. Know the signs that your A/C system is no longer functioning correctly and take action today.

    Signs of a broken A/C include:

    • Less cold air from vents
    • Poor air flow
    • Thermostat problems
    • Moisture leakage around your system
    • Strange sounds or odors from your system
    • Excessive humidity or dry air in your home
    • Unusually high or rising electric bills

    Home Comfort Club: Preventative Maintenance and Priority Service

    After American Air and Heat technicians install your new replacement AC unit, consider maintaining its efficiency and extending its lifespan by joining our Home Comfort Club. Enjoy planned preventative maintenance in the spring and fall to help prepare your HVAC for the more extreme temps during the long, hot Florida summer and the chilly winter. Our team is available to Home Comfort Club members 24/7 for a system diagnosis, and you will receive priority service, moving right up to the front of the line.

    At a Home Comfort Club planned preventative maintenance check on your AC unit, a licensed HVAC technician will perform tests and services such as calibrating your thermostat, checking refrigerant levels, lubricating moving parts, checking voltage/current on compressor/fan motors, checking, sanitizing, and deodorizing filters, and more. These services are designed to ensure efficiency and longevity in your system and improve the comfort in your home.

    If you are looking for a reliable HVAC company for AC replacement and installation in your Florida home or business, American Air and Heat can help. Give us a call at 800-421-2665.