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    Maximize Your AC’s Performance


  • Maximize Your AC’s Performance

    July 6, 2018

    maximize your ac's performance

    In the midst of another muggy Orlando-area summer, nothing is quite as demoralizing and frustrating as realizing your AC isn’t working as well as it could be. Instead of pumping your home full of the ice-cold air like it should be, the circulating air is only providing a fraction of the effect it should. This is a problem that far too many homeowners experience and suffer from, unfortunately, and it can put a real damper in what should be a fun-filled summer season.

    We at American Air and Heat feel your pain all too well, because we’ve been there ourselves. As it turns out, you can correct this imbalance and restore your home’s temperature back to its rightful frigid state by just making sure you take care of a few simple tasks. They don’t require a lot of elbow grease or legwork, and you’ll be glad you took the small amount of extra time to double-check them. For more comprehensive cooling solutions, reach out to us! Our technicians will be able to recommend the right steps for you to take!

    Maintain Proper Filter Replacement

    One of the most critical keys to keeping your AC functioning as desired is to adhere to a routine filter-replacement schedule. Ideally, you’d aim to replace it every 30 days during heavy usage, but once every 3 months will suffice. The longer you go without replacing an air filter, the more your unit is going to have to work to get the right airflow out – it’ll have to dodge the clogged, dusty parts that hang around.

    Move Heat Sources Away From Thermostat

    If possible, make sure your furnace (or any other places that give off heat) is away from the thermostat. When it’s too close, the thermostat will misread the entire home’s temperature and think it’s the same degree as the heat being given off next to it. Adequate spacing is critical to ensure even cooling.

    Have It Inspected/Tuned-Up Once a Year

    The recommended check-up schedule by most maintenance providers is once per year. That way, any problems that may be forming in your HVAC system will be spotted and corrected well before they grow and spread into issues that could pose a bigger (and costlier) risk down the road. A technician that inspects your HVAC unit will also be able tweak a few things to ensure you’re optimizing your AC.

    Check for Debris Outside

    Sometimes, the solution is as simple as inspecting the outdoor component of your HVAC unit. If Debris, like stray branches or wayward rocks, for instance, find their way into the unit, it can have negative effects on your AC’s performance. Just a quick walk outside to look for anything that may have gotten lodged in it, and a swift disposal of whatever’s snuck in could do wonders.

    There you have it: a quick list of four simple potential solutions to your ornery AC. Hopefully a few – if not all – of them will return the air to the chilly temperature you want it to be, and inefficient cooling becomes a thing of the past.

    If you’ve got bigger problems to sort through with your HVAC unit, however, give American Air and Heat a call at 800-421-2665 for the most reliable service in Orlando!