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    Signs that Your A/C is not Working Properly


  • Signs that Your A/C is not Working Properly

    April 27, 2011

    After a long HOT day in the Florida summer heat, a cool and comfortable home is a luxury we expect when we return our home. But if you take for granted that you’re a/c system needs routine service, you might be left sweltering indoors.

    So, what are some early signals that there may be problems ahead? And, when should you call a professional air conditioning contractor with help before it’s too late?

    Here are a few things to look out for:

    1. Strange noises: Even if your air conditioner is performing well, clanging or screeching often indicate a part is loose and getting looser.
    2. Odd odors: If your air conditioner is blowing strange- or stale-smelling air through your house, it could mean any number of things. At best, your air filter needs changing. At worst, you might have a refrigerant leak.
    3. A tripped breaker or blown fuse: There is something wrong with your system if it repeatedly trips the circuit, causing power outages in your home. No air conditioner is designed to use more than its fair share of power.
    4. Ice: If you see ice forming on equipment or ductwork inside or outside your home, you might have a refrigerant leak.
    5. The outdoor fan doesn’t work: If this happens, your air conditioner can’t shed the extra heat it creates. That heat can damage your equipment.

    Remember, regular cleaning and lubrication can enhance you’re a/c units long-term health. Call American Air & Heat today to get your system serviced before it’s to late!