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    The Infinity Series from Carrier


  • The Infinity Series from Carrier

    December 9, 2013

    When it comes to air conditioners, newer is definitely better. Air conditioning units which are more than 10 years old are not as energy-efficient as the newer models, no matter how well-maintained they may be.

    The government established the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) for cooling units manufactured in the United States in 1992. At that time, the minimum SEER was set at 10; this was later changed to 13 in 2006 as manufacturing and technology steadily improved.

    Put simply, the higher the SEER number of your AC, the more energy efficient it is. An energy efficient unit can mean hundreds of dollars in savings for you in your annual energy bills.

    We have been providing Orlando air conditioning installation, repair and service for 27 years. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the Infinity Series central air conditioner from Carrier with a high 21 SEER rating.

    Carrier’s Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner

    In 1902, Willis Carrier, a Cornell University graduate and a native of New York, invented the first air conditioning unit for a printing plant. In the 111 years since then, Carrier has remained a leader in the air conditioning industry, which is why the Infinity Series is such a great investment.

    The new Infinity Series from Carrier is setting the standard for economical and energy-efficient cooling. With a two-stage operation, it provides ultimate comfort and maximum, reliability. Expect excellent humidity control and enhanced indoor air quality from this latest Carrier workhorse. It comes with an environmentally friendly refrigerant and a 10-year limited parts warranty.

    Only the Infinity Series central air conditioner allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment without high energy bills and still save the planet at the same time.

    This innovative AC unit is available at American Air & Heat, which is one of the most trusted Orlando air conditioning companies today.