It might be time to call in an A/C repair service if your air conditioner is not working properly. While there are a variety of solutions for a nonfunctioning air conditioner that you can troubleshoot yourself, most will require the attention of a qualified cooling technician. The following problems will require the expertise and knowledge of skillful A/C repair service.

Not Working – Should your air conditioner completely stop working, it might be a result of a tripped circuit breaker or a broken fuse. While this might seem to be an easy solution, it often is an indicator of a larger problem.
Freeze Up – Should you find that your evaporator coils completely freeze up, it is often the result of a dirty air handler or other serious problem. It is possible to melt the frost buildup by simply switching the AC unit off. However, the problem will immediately recur, once it is turned back on.
Faulty Thermostat – Should you find that the temperature in the thermostat and the temperature in the room are never the same; it might be a result of an improperly calibrated thermostat. Most likely the only way to correct this situation is to have a technician install a new thermostat.
Never Gets Cold – If the A/C continually runs while the air quality in the house never gets any cooler, it can be a result of a variety of serious problems. It could be there is not enough Freon in the A/C system or a result of frozen copper lines. It could be due to a clogged filter, or failure of the compressor. Any one of these problems requires the expertise of A/C repair service.
Noisy System – If you find your air conditioning system is beginning to make a lot of noise it might be due to faulty bearings in the fan blades. This might be remedied by cleaning the internal blades in the air handler or replacing them completely.
Warm Air – If the air conditioner is not producing cold air, it may be due to a faulty system, or not being properly installed. Warmer air is often a result of leaking refrigerant inside your air conditioning system. Simply adding more refrigerant to the system will not solve the problem. It also might be due to a nonfunctioning compressor. A complete repair can only be performed by a trained technician according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Oftentimes, homeowners can avoid many of the air-conditioning problems by having their cooling unit maintained by a qualified A/C repair service. Additionally, by changing the filters every month you can eliminate many of the problems that cause dirt buildup inside your air conditioning unit.

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