Living in Orlando, Florida usually means running your air conditioner non-stop. An HVAC system is one of the biggest energy guzzlers in your Orlando home. When temperatures rise, your system’s efficiency can drop dramatically causing your energy bills to increase. Ease the burden of your home’s air conditioner and increase efficiency by following these few simple steps.

Annual Orlando HVAC Maintenance checks: Think of how much a tune-up improves the gas mileage of your vehicle. A yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve its efficiency and your comfort while extending the life of your Orlando HVAC system by as much as 20-30%. In addition, most heating and cooling repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance. If minor damage is detected, your technician will perform a small repair which could prevent a larger, more expensive repair from being necessary later on. A maintenance check now can reduce the likelihood of an emergency HVAC system breakdown in severe weather.

Have your filter changed frequently: Keep your AC operating at its peak while improving the indoor air quality of your home by performing regular filter changes. You should essentially check your air filter every month, keeping a closer eye on it during heavy use months such as winter and summer. At the very minimum, change your filter every 3 months.

Dispose of and clear away debris/clear vents: Sometimes outdoor debris such as leaves and grass clippings build up around your heat pump, inhibiting the airflow. Make sure it’s not crowded with shrubs, plants, or trees.

Seal air leaks in your home: You can greatly reduce your air conditioning costs by sealing up drafty air leaks. Caulk or seal places where utilities come into your home such as plumbing, dryer vents, etc. Weather-strip around drafty windows and doors.

Electricity efficiency: Lights, computers, and other home office equipment generate heat which makes your air conditioning system work harder, costing you more money. Turn them off when not in use.

Every commercial and residential HVAC system is different. The professionals of American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical are here to help you determine what works best for your space; if you need experts in HVAC Orlando resident’s trust, contact American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical for a free consultation!

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