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    Signs You Need Heating Repair


  • Signs You Need Heating Repair

    December 13, 2019

    signs you need heating repair

    Winter season is almost upon us, which means your heater is probably being used every day. If you live in Florida where the winters are milder, you might be using it on and off. Whether you use your heater frequently or not, it’s important to know when exactly you should call for repair. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners can’t tell whether their heating system needs to be professionally repaired or not. If you’re one of those homeowners, don’t worry! The pros at American Air and Heat are here to help you out—here are some telling signs you need heating repair.

    1. Heater Blowing Cold Air

    If your furnace is blowing cold air through the vents, it might be an easy fix. Try checking the thermostat first and make sure it is on “Auto” instead of “Fan.” The “Fan” setting continues to blow air through your ductwork, regardless of whether any heating or cooling is happening. As a result, cold air present in the ductwork might be reaching you indoors. If your thermostat is on the right setting and heating still isn’t occurring, you might want to check your furnace filter. A clogged air filter can limit consistent air flow throughout your home and increase your heater’s energy use. If the filter is clean, you might have a greater problem. If you have a gas furnace, there might be an issue with the pilot light, which is a small flame that burns constantly to ensure your furnace can ignite easily. Contact a technician you trust to look at your furnace for you!

    2. Strange Noises

    Some noises might be harmless, but they could also be indicative of a bigger problem. A rumbling sound indicates a problem with the burner—turn off your furnace immediately and call a professional. If you hear a squealing, it could be caused by a loose fan belt or lack of lubricant. This can be fixed by applying oil or tightening the fan belt—both of which are best left to a professional.

    3. Little Air Flow

    Consistent air flow is key to indoor comfort. If you find that there is little air flow coming from your vents, you might have blockage in your ductwork. The ductwork is an important component of your HVAC system, as it keeps the transfer of air consistent throughout your home. If you think your ductwork needs to be inspected, contact an HVAC technician to ensure there are no leaks or clogs in your air ducts.

    Pro tip: To keep air flowing throughout your home, check to see if there are any appliances or furniture blocking your air vents. If there are, move some things around to ensure your registers are not being blocked.

    Need Heating Repair? Call American Air and Heat!

    We hope this list of heating repair signs have been helpful. If you are looking for reliable and knowledgeable HVAC technicians in Florida, look no further than American Air and Heat! Call us today at 800-421-2665 or schedule a service with us online!