Terms & Conditions

This agreement is a pre-paid maintenance agreement, not an insurance policy, extended warranty, or service contract. This agreement is between the seller and the purchaser and provides for certain inspections and maintenance services for the heating and cooling equipment and/or household plumbing as indicated herein. The initial term of this agreement is one year from the date of enrollment. Coverage will automatically renew each year on the anniversary of the enrollment date. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. This agreement shall remain in effect until either party furnishes written notice of termination. Neither party shall be liable to the other because of termination.

Service Plan fees are non-prorated if inspections are not taken advantage of. All maintenance covered by this agreement shall be scheduled and performed during American Air, Plumbing & Electric’s normal working hours, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Service Plan members receive the benefit of “never an overtime charge.” This entitles members to standard rate service 24 hours a day, seven days per week, during the term of this agreement. American Air, Plumbing & Electric shall not be liable for repairs necessitated by fire, flood, or other acts of God: damage by negligence or misuse by others; faulty system design; malicious mischief or vandalism. Damages resulting from the failure of replacement parts or services performed under the plan are not the responsibility of American Air, Plumbing & Electric. In the event American Air, Plumbing & Electric cannot reach Customer after three reasonable attempts or is not permitted to perform the service after three attempts, then Customer agrees that American Air, Plumbing & Electric shall have fulfilled its obligations under this contract. American Air, Plumbing & Electric shall retains all funds associated with the service and is relieved of any further obligations to provide the services.

At any time, American Air, Plumbing & Electric may modify these Terms and Conditions, including annual plan coverage prices. Prior to the renewal date, American Air, Plumbing & Electric will notify you of any changes to these Terms and Conditions, and such changes will automatically be in effect from the Renewal Date. American Air, Plumbing & Electric will automatically debit the total amount from your credit card each month. Understand the monthly fees will continue for a minimum of 12 months and will automatically be renewed at the end of the term. You may terminate this pay plan agreement any time after the 12-month period when written notice of termination is sent and received. You also consent to receive text messages and emails from American Air, Plumbing & Electric.

Cooling Tune Up: Plan members will receive a tune-up after initial sign-up and on a semi-annual basis each year. American Air, Plumbing and Electric will contact members to schedule the heating/cooling tune-ups.

Water Heater Flush: Members qualify for one Water Heater Flush per contract year. Members can schedule their water heater flush at their convenience any time of year they wish. Tank types only.

Plumbing and Electrical Inspections: Members qualify for one Plumbing and one Electrical Safety Inspection per contract year. Members can schedule their safety inspections at their convenience any time of year they wish.

Drain Cleaning: Plan members will receive one complimentary drain cleaning per contract year. Additional tasks, such as pulling a toilet, removing roots from the lines, or accessing a roof vent, are subject to additional charge. Cannot be used in lieu of scoping the drain lines. No cash value. Must have reasonable access to clean out. 75ft Maximum sewer distance.
•Home Comfort Club fees are non-prorated if inspections are not taken advantage of.
•Members consent to text messaging from American for the purpose of scheduling maintenance visits.

10% off All Repairs: As a member, you receive a 10% discount on all repair for plumbing, heating, cooling, and electric. Discount does not apply to specials.
•This discount is not able to be combined with any other discounts, specials, or promotions.

Priority Service: As a plan member, you will receive “First in Line” highest priority scheduling. Plan members will be scheduled before non-members for repair service. If more than one plan member has requested service, the priority is on a first call, first serve basis.

No Weekend or Overtime Fees: As a plan member, you will never pay extra if your technician has to work overtime or if you need us on the weekend. You pay the same rate no matter when you need us.

Transferable Plan: As a plan member no matter where you go as long as you remain in our service area you can transfer your plan to your new home at no extra cost.

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