Duct Cleaning For Your Oviedo Florida Home

American Air & Heat offers duct cleaning in Oviedo, FL, helping restore your air conditioning to its usual effectiveness and improving the air quality in your home. Clogged air vents and ducts can impair the efficiency of your HVAC system. Clean air ducts can reduce your AC running costs and make your living spaces more comfortable too.

As the seasons change, different types of dust, pollen, and other pollutants cycle through your HVAC and sometimes deposit themselves in your ductwork before they can get trapped in a removable filter. Over time these contaminants can build up and reduce your indoor air quality significantly. One of the best ways to combat this problem is with duct cleaning by a licensed HVAC technician.

Circumstances that warrant air duct cleaning in your home include:
  • Vermin infestation within your air ducts.
  • Excessive debris clogging the passageways and escaping into your home.
Duct cleaning

When you call American Air & Heat to assess your air ducts, you will experience true integrity from licensed professionals. Our technicians will only recommend air duct cleaning in your home if it will truly improve the quality of your air.

Clean Air Ducts for Efficient Air Conditioning

Air duct cleaning is something homeowners should have performed regularly. Your AC system relies on ducts to pump cool air around the property and vent warm air out. Filters help remove contaminants from the air, but they’re not 100% effective and over time dust and dirt can build up in the vents. Cleaning the ducts helps improve air flow and means the air your HVAC system is circulating is fresh and contaminant-free.

It’s a particularly good idea to have your air ducts cleaned if you’ve had any renovation work done on your home. Construction work kicks up a lot of dust and debris, and if your vents weren’t covered during the work a lot of that dust could end up getting into the air ducts, to be recirculated when you use your air conditioning. Scheduling a thorough air duct cleaning for once the work is finished will help remove all that unwanted dust and dirt, so you can enjoy clear air in your freshly renovated home.

Your air ducts may be overdue for cleaning if you notice any of the following issues:
  • Mold around the air ducts
  • Dust build-up in the vents
  • Signs of vermin infestation
  • Your AC is struggling to cool your home
  • Weak/poor air flow from vents

Air Duct Cleaning for Oviedo Homeowners

At American Air & Heat we offer air duct cleaning in Oviedo, FL. Our NATE-certified technicians will inspect your home’s air ducts and advise you on if you would benefit from duct cleaning. We will not suggest having your duct cleans if it would not improve your home’s air quality. If we do believe your ducts could benefit from being cleaned, our licensed technicians will thoroughly clean them with specialist equipment, and if necessary replace any filters to help keep the ducts free from dirt in the future.

If you’re having issues with your air quality or need your air ducts cleaning following a renovation project, call American Air & Heat today for great value, professional duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance services.

In addition to our duct cleaning services, we also offer a wide variety of additional products to pair with your HVAC unit for improved indoor air quality. Call to learn more about our mechanical air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, electrostatic filters, and ultraviolet lights that can eliminate pollutants from your air.

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