Not many things register as high on the frustration scale as finding out that your AC has stopped working for reasons beyond your comprehension. And what’s even more irritating is that it usually happens when you have to have cool air, doesn’t it? The thing about central cooling is that a lot of the heavy lifting happens out of sight.

You don’t necessarily know where the culprit for your malfunctioning AC is, and it’s incredibly hard to find it and diagnose it unless you’ve got AC maintenance experience. But have no fear! While we can’t tell you exactly what the cause is here, the AC experts at American Air, Plumbing & Electric can offer a few potential solutions for what’s going on.

Refrigerant Leak

An AC system runs thanks to the help of something called refrigerant. This chemical runs through a series of tubes and devices, and it either absorbs or releases warmth from the air to help achieve the indoor temperature you want. It changes states, from liquid to gas and back again, to do this.

Just like any other substance, refrigerants can leak. The tubes that carry it through your AC system can crack and break, but there’s a chance you might not even notice it for a while. These leaks are subtle and reveal themselves in the form of higher energy bills. When your refrigerant leaks, the AC has a more difficult time generating the right temperature, so it works harder.

Condenser Unit is Blocked

The big unit sitting on a concrete slab outside your home is an integral part of the AC system. It releases the excess heat into the outside air, leaving your home free to enjoy cooler temperatures during the hot Florida summer.

But to work correctly, the condenser needs space. And since it’s sitting outside, it’s right there in the open where debris, foliage, and other obstructions can suffocate it. When it doesn’t have adequate room, your condenser can’t get rid of the excess warmth correctly, meaning your AC system suffers in performance. Make sure you clear out anything that might be too close to the condenser so that it’ll have all the space it needs to remove the unwanted hot air from your home!

Bad Wiring/Electrical Problem

There’s more to the AC than just the condenser and refrigerant, though. It’s an intricate system of wires and electrical components, and all it takes is one faulty connection to make your AC system go haywire. Whether you’ve tripped a breaker, blown a fuse, or had a wire fray somewhere, any number of electrical problems can ruin your home’s comfortable environment in a snap.

If you’ve given the rest of the system a thorough inspection and still can’t figure out why your AC isn’t working right, then odds are pretty good that it could be an electrical issue. It’s best to let a professional handle this though since electrical work is dangerous.

American Air, Plumbing & Electric: Your AC Experts

No matter what the culprit is, American Air, Plumbing & Electric will figure it out and get your AC back in tip-top shape in no time. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge, and they’ve had plenty of experience helping our neighbors achieve the cool homes that are so important in the Florida summer.

Give us a call at (407) 512-9337 to find out how we can help you today!

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