Summer is fast approaching, and many air conditioning systems are unprepared to handle the sudden onslaught of intense humid heat that can happen during the summer months. HVAC and AC maintenance is essential to keep your home’s systems running efficiently and reliably. There are a variety of basic inspections and replacements that should be performed every season and should be performed by a qualified technician.

Older HVAC systems can become less efficient over time. Ductwork can become loose, filters get dirty, refrigerant levels run low and seams or seals throughout your home can also break down. Electronic components can short out and stop working properly or run low on batteries. These things make it more difficult for an HVAC system to cool your home and make the system work harder than it needs to. Consumers can usually replace or repair minor system problems to prevent major breakdowns later.

Even if your HVAC system is new it still needs routine maintenance. Our professionally trained technicians will be able to inspect refrigerant levels in your AC unit, inspect and change filters, lubricate moving parts, inspect condensate drains, inspect your furnace for gas or oil leaks, and adjust blower components and ensure the overall system is running efficiently.

Take the time to have your HVAC system checked regularly to ensure it gets maintenance and is functioning properly. Our qualified technicians will know what needs replacing and help you be prepared for another hot season. Call the company Central Floridians have trusted for 25 years. Call American Air, Plumbing & Electric today at (407) 512-9337. Our motto says it all, “Quality is Our Specialty!”

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