Throughout the year, Florida lives up to its name as the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, along with the golden sunshine comes heat and humidity. To stay comfortable indoors, most residents have no choice except to run their AC systems non-stop, which can be pretty costly.

As a long-time provider of air conditioning service in Orlando, we know how crucial it is for our customers to save on their energy bills. This is why we suggest boosting the cooling power of your AC system by installing ceiling fans.

Lower Energy Bills

When your air conditioning is on and you also use a ceiling fan at the same time, you can set your thermostat as much as five degrees higher without sacrificing comfort. This will reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy bill in the process. Also, make sure your ceiling fan is the right size for the room so it can move more air with less effort.

For a medium-sized room (around 250 square feet) a ceiling fan with a 35–44 inch diameter is usually sufficient. For bigger rooms, choose one that is at least 52 inches in diameter. Opt for bigger blades since they can move the air faster than small blades and can cool you off better even at a slower speed.

Help Save the Environment

Using less energy not only lowers your energy bills but also helps the environment in the long run. The fewer carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere, the better it is for the ozone layer and the longevity of the planet in general.

We can help you choose and install the right ceiling fan that can work best in tandem with your AC system for a cool, comfortable home. You can trust us for all your Orlando air conditioning installation, repair, and service needs.

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