Many myths circle the internet about air conditioning units. American Air, Plumbing & Electric is here to debunk the myths and give you the cold hard facts. Here are the most common air conditioning myths you should stop believing – right now.

Myth: The Bigger the AC Unit, The Better

Fact: If you think a bigger AC unit means a much cooler home – think again! Using an AC unit that is way too big for your home will just move air around as if you had a bigger home – even if you don’t. This is even true if you have a unit with a high-efficiency rating. Not only does this consume more energy to produce the same results, but it’s also increasing your monthly energy bills unnecessarily.

Myth: Turning Your Thermostat Down Will Cool Your Home Quicker

Fact: Many homeowners think that turning the thermostat down will make the space cooler much quicker. However, lowering the thermostat to a cool temperature won’t cool your house any faster, it will just cool your home at the same rate – and waste energy at the same time.

Myth: Turning Off My AC When I’m Not Around Saves Energy

Fact: If you plan to leave your AC off for an extended period, such as when you take a vacation, then this is true. However, if you’re just turning your AC off when you go to work and plan to return a few hours later – you’re not saving energy, you’re wasting it. When you turn it off before you leave the house and turn it back on that same day when you return, your air conditioner has to work harder to cool your home. This is why programmable thermostats are a good investment. Your programmable thermostat can automatically raise and lower the temperature to your preference so you can feel comfortable the moment you return home, while also saving energy.

Myth: If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It

Fact: Sometimes, homeowners decide to forgo annual maintenance because their air conditioner is working fine. However, maintenance will help you catch problems early and keep your unit performing at its peak. If you don’t maintain your equipment, you could be looking at much more costly repairs or even a replacement earlier than expected.

Myth: You Should Run Your System Down Until It Fails

Fact: Replacing an AC unit may be expensive upfront but running your unit past its expiration date can cost you a lot of money on repairs. Not only that, but older units are less efficient and can be responsible for higher-than-usual energy bills.

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