At American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical, we know the sights of changing foliage and the feel of sweater weather can distract you from maintaining your home’s Orlando HVAC system before winter arrives. Fall and spring are the two times of the year when preventative upkeep is imperative.

It pays to perform a comprehensive unit assessment and inspection no later than November. Putting off this much-needed homeowner chore means potential long-term damage. An Orlando HVAC unit that is running less than optimally is exposed to greater wear and tear during the time of year when resource demands are high.

Are you willing to risk hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in damage (or worse, the possibility of having no heat in winter) over a minor preventative maintenance charge? The specialists at American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical recognize the importance of protecting your investment and want to help you keep your Orlando HVAC system in good working order all year.

Semi-annual maintenance goes beyond simply replacing dirty air filters and doing a brief overview of your outdoor AC unit, which is why hiring a licensed Orlando HVAC service contractor is recommended. Upon their arrival, the technician will lubricate all of the system’s moving parts (e.g. belts, pulleys, etc.) to ensure no friction is generated when the machine is running, tighten loose components, and secure the unit’s gas and electrical hookups, measure the airflow output and adjust if needed as well as clean/flush the condensate pan and drain. He or she will also test the thermostat to ensure it is running correctly.

Our staff continually strives to go above and beyond industry standards, so be sure to ask them their professional opinion about your home’s energy efficiency. If our technician suspects there is an air leak or thinks a programmable thermostat would be in your best interest, they will say something. Let American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical maintain your system and help keep your energy bills low.

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