If you have ever asked yourself “Do air purifiers work?” you’re not alone. While air purifiers are increasingly becoming popular, many people are still skeptical about their capabilities and whether they are worth the cost. To answer all your questions about air purifiers, the pros at American Air, Plumbing & Electric have prepared a detailed guide! By reading this, we hope you’re a little closer to deciding whether you want to invest in an air purifier or not.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Whether air purifiers are worth it or not is dependent on your home and your needs. Here are some factors to take into consideration before you decide to invest in an air purifier:

  • Allergies
    If you or your family members have any allergies, or strong reactions to certain allergens like dust, dander, or mold spores then an air purifier might be a good idea. While HVAC units play a role in conditioning indoor air and air purifier might clean the air further and improve your indoor air quality. Keep in mind that there is still very little medical evidence to support that air purifiers can alleviate allergies, but if you feel like you have limited options, you might want to consider them!
  • Budget
    This is kind of obvious, but having a decent budget plays a role in whether you can invest in an air purifier or not. Air purifiers can range from $50 to $900 in price.
  • Irremovable Odors
    Odors can easily be removed by having proper ventilation but if you don’t have proper ventilation or if you find other solutions (sprays, candles, incense sticks, baking soda, etc.) are too temporary, an air purifier might help.

Air Purifier Options on the Market

There are various types of air purifiers on the market with different capabilities and different prices. Here are some you should seriously consider if you decide to purchase an air purifier!

  • Blueair Classic 605
    This air purifier can be found on Amazon for around $800. It has been rated well by Consumer Reports and seems to have a great performance overall, though it is rather expensive. It weighs 30 pounds and its purification capacity is up to 775 square feet. It can run at both high and low speeds and is effective at air cleaning and particle removal at both speeds. One catch is that it is rather loud at the high-speed setting. Another thing to keep in mind is that the filter replacement cost and energy cost combined can cost you $225 per year.
  • Blue Pure 411
    This smaller air purifier can be found at Best Buy at about $120 and has a purification capacity of 100 to 175 square feet. Because of this small size and the ability to capture 99 % airborne pollutants, it’s ideal for smaller spaces like college dorm rooms.
  • Coway AP1512HH HEPA Air Purifier
    This air purifier can cover 361 square feet and is priced at $173 on Amazon. It uses ion filtration technology and is fairly small in size making it more flexible in terms of place.

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