We get this question all of the time. “How come my air conditioner unit seems to work in some rooms better than others?

There are several reasons for this and one is simply the laws of nature. When buying a new home, it doesn’t take long to figure out that some rooms will occasionally be hotter or cooler than others. Your upstairs bedroom may take longer to cool in the hot Orlando summer, or the kitchen may be chillier in the winter.

The good news is you don’t need to worry! There may not be anything wrong with your air conditioning system. If your home is multi-level, you will naturally experience the effect of warm air rising to the upper level and cooler air falling to the lower. In addition, solar gain can cause temperatures to rise in certain rooms. This is the case in rooms with west-facing windows during the late afternoon. But, Central Florida weather and forces of nature are not the only factors that will raise your home’s indoor temperature. Cooking and showering will cause the humidity of your home to increase. Even without a temperature rise, higher levels of humidity can cause you to feel warmer and uncomfortable.

While the laws of nature (and the law of teenagers blow-drying hair & taking long showers may be out of your control, you can use your home’s air conditioning system to improve the situation. By adjusting or closing registers that are too cool in summer or too warm in the winter, you can divert conditioned air to rooms where you need it the most. However, we recommend investing in a new zoning system that allows you to divide your home into multiple cooling and heating areas. With a new zoning system, you will still have only one central air conditioner or heat pump, but you will have a series of dampers installed in the duct system which will direct the air only where it is needed. You will also have thermostats located in the various zones of your house which will give you better control of the comfort of your home and help with reducing your energy cost.

Next month we will discuss the benefits of programmable thermostats and how working together with zoning systems can reduce your energy bills by 30%.

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