For a lot of homeowners, a central AC system works just fine and serves its purpose well. The home stays cool and maintains an enjoyable comfort level, and the energy bills stay reasonable. But that isn’t the case for everyone. In certain homes, a central AC system just doesn’t make as much sense, and you need an alternative.

Thankfully, one exists! With a ductless mini-split system (also known as a zoned air system), you’ll be able to enjoy unprecedented comfort and flexibility to ensure your home stays cool all summer long without a massive energy bill. Here is a quick rundown on ductless mini-split systems from the experts at American Air, Plumbing & Electric!

Differences Between Ductless Mini-Splits and Central AC

Trying to whittle down the specific differences between the two types of cooling systems would take a while because the list would be extremely long. But we’ll keep it short and try to summarize as best we can.

The first and most obvious difference is right there in the name. Ductless mini-split systems do just that – they split your cooling system up. They divide your home into zones, each of which is individually controlled independently of the others. A central AC sets one temperature for the whole home: whatever setting you’ve got it at is reflected throughout every room.

Other than that, the things that separate the two systems start to get less drastic. Ductless systems don’t take up as much room since they don’t use ducts, and they can be installed pretty much anywhere. Central AC needs more space, obviously, and you need a predetermined layout to use them.

Why Would Anyone Get a Ductless Mini-Split System?

Because it can help you save money! A ductless mini-split system offers full freedom to adjust your home’s comfort level however you see fit. Since you can control each one by itself, you can avoid wasting energy on cooling areas of your home that don’t need it as much.

Let’s say your home has two stories, for instance. Since heat rises, the top-level might naturally get warmer than the bottom floor, so it would need more cooling power. With a traditional AC system, you’d have no choice but to blast cool air through your entire home, which would make the bottom level frigid.

But with ductless mini-split systems, that’s not a problem. With this, your top floor cools down without freezing out the people living downstairs.

Okay, So?

That situation above can apply to plenty of other things in your home. Rooms that don’t get used much, people that like rooms colder than others, and places that need a little boost of cooling power are all examples where a ductless mini-split system can help.

And over time, more money ends up in your pocket. Every month, your energy bill will start to get a little lighter as the unnecessary energy usage disappears!

American Air, Plumbing & Electric: Helping Our Neighbors Enjoy Cool Homes for the Summer

With summer just about here, it’s high time to make sure your home is ready to handle the high temperatures on the horizon. With a ductless mini-split system, that won’t be a problem!

Let the cooling experts at American Air, Plumbing & Electric help you figure out the best solution for your home – just give us a call at (407) 512-9337 to speak to one of our friendly team members today!

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