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    Finding Relief in Florida’s Heat


  • Finding Relief in Florida’s Heat

    December 19, 2016

    Learn How to Keep Your Cool—All Year Long

    As a Florida resident, you don’t get a break from summer’s heat for very long—if at all. So, how do you protect yourself from the yearlong warm temperatures?

    Well, the team at American Air & Heat is here to help. Our dependable AC services in Winter Springs, FL, and beyond provide homeowners with a reliable cooling system that’s built to withstand Florida’s climate—day in and day out.

    Putting Your Hot Worries on Ice

    Throughout the year, temperatures in Florida range from mildly chilly to sizzling hot. So, regardless of the season, your home needs a durable HVAC unit that has the power and efficiency to provide constant comfort. This requires giving your system the TLC it needs to combat any weather Mother Nature throws its way.

    So, how do you know whether your AC system is up to the task? There are some telltale signs that indicate your system needs your attention, including:

    • Aging unit (more than 10 years old)
    • Frequent repairs
    • Higher energy bills
    • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home
    • Excessive noise coming from the unit

    If any of these signs occur, then your system needs to be thoroughly inspected by a certified technician to safeguard your unit from losing its cool. 

    The Maintenance Shield

    Your comfort system is an investment—and, as with any large expenditure, you must protect it. This requires scheduling preventative system maintenance before it’s too late. In fact, performing frequent checkups and seasonal system maintenance is the sure-fire way to ensure your unit’s wellbeing for the long haul, minimize the potential for costly repairs and increase your system’s cost-and energy-efficiency.

    During a maintenance service, our comfort specialist will examine, clean and inspect your entire system. More specifically, our technicians will:

    • Calibrate the thermostat
    • Measure refrigerant charge
    • Clean or replace the filter
    • Check & tighten all electrical connections
    • Lubricate motors
    • Check system operation
    • …And more!

    Keepin’ Your Cool

    If after having your system inspected we find that it needs to be replaced, don’t sweat it. From an AC installation in Winter Springs, FL, to an air conditioning replacement in Oviedo, our team is proficient at installing systems properly—the first time around.

    Don’t let the size of the task or the price of a new system scare you off. Over time, the accumulated benefits and savings of a new unit outweigh its initial cost.

    Some of these benefits include:

    • Lower operating cost
    • Elimination of costly repairs
    • Increase in energy efficiency
    • More reliable cooling
    • …And more!

    Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, it’s important that your Florida home is your safe haven from the heat. Thanks to American Air & Heat’s reliable AC unit installations, swift system repairs and thorough maintenance services, you can guarantee it always will be. That’s because our certified technicians work diligently to ensure you never lose your cool.

    Contact American Air & Heat for AC Services in Orlando, FL

    It’s time to apply a layer of insurance to your home with a dependable AC system that will protect you from the sun’s heat. Simply email our team or call us at 800-421-2665 today!