Did you know that for each year you fail to maintain your unit, it loses five percent of its efficiency!

Let’s do the math. If you have put off maintenance for the last four years your air conditioner is only running at 80 percent efficiency. This alone is costing you money every month in your monthly bills. Plus, regular maintenance can help prevent bigger problems down the road; simple things like finding out you’ve got problems with your filter could be inexpensive to catch if caught early but could lead to a costly repair if ignored.

A simple inexpensive fix, if caught early, can save you BIG bucks down the line.

That’s why every year we always recommend to customers that they need to have their heating and air conditioning systems maintained by a professional. The best time to do this type of maintenance is before the summer and winter months.
The reason why this is so important to you is that preventative maintenance can not only save you money but also give you peace of mind when the temperature gets hot or cold. For example, you don’t realize it but during March & April (when the wind, dust & pollen blow around) your outdoor unit is collecting all of that dust in and around it. Your outdoor unit has a compressor (the heart of the system) inside it that helps pump refrigerant through your system to cool your home. When the coils that surround the compressor get clogged with dirt or leaves, this can cause your compressor to fail and possibly be replaced! Having your system checked twice a year can help prevent this because one of our technicians will wash out the outdoor coils and remove any debris in and around the unit.

Another reason you need your air conditioning maintenance done before the summer heat gets into full swing is that air conditioning systems never seem to fail at a good time. Why not fix or service it on YOUR time! I hear it a lot when I go to fix an air conditioning system and the customer mentions that the unit failed during a party or while they were sleeping.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your air conditioning system maintenance done before it gets too hot! Schedule your air conditioning maintenance today by calling 800-715-7503.

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