These dreary, cold winter months seem like an endless conveyor belt of biting wind chill and frigid temperatures. They’re a slog to get through – even here in a warmer climate like Florida – but there’s at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, the winter will give way to spring, and that means we’re that much closer to summer.
But in the meantime, you’ve still got to get through the present months. And even though it probably seems like the goal should be to accumulate as much warm air as possible indoors, ventilation is still key. If you don’t exchange your stuffy air with new, fresh air, then a myriad of problems will emerge. To help make your home’s indoor air quality the best it can be, the pros at American Air, Plumbing & Electric have a couple of ways you can achieve good ventilation during winter!

The Simplest – and Cheapest – Way

Instead of spending money on a fancy product or expensive service to ventilate your home, just do something quick and easy: open up your doors and/or windows! That might seem counterintuitive, given that the weather you’re trying to keep out is cold and windy, but it’ll help.
By removing that barrier between your home’s stuffy air and the fresher air outside, you’ll create a draft that acts as a sort of instant ventilator. You don’t have to do it for long, either – just a quick open-and-shut for a few minutes should be fine.

Make Good Use of Your Fans

Another way to achieve proper ventilation in your home is by taking full advantage of the different types of fans you’ve already got installed. Exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom can suck up a lot of excess moisture from the air, which will help cut down on the number of germs and other contaminants floating around.
Ceiling fans will help push that air out – especially if you use them in conjunction with open doors and windows – but make sure to run them on a higher setting so that air moves quicker.
If you’ve got places in your home where it’s harder for air to ventilate, like a damp basement, then something like a box fan will make that process go much smoother as well!

The Catch-All Solution

If time is of the essence, or if you just don’t want to deal with DIY solutions to increasing the ventilation in your home, then it might just be easier to let a professional take care of it. American Air, Plumbing & Electric offers comprehensive indoor air quality solutions for the Oviedo area, so you can put your problem in the hands of experts who are trained in how to solve it.
For system enhancements, duct cleaning, or any IAQ problem in-between, give us a call at (407) 512-9337! American Air, Plumbing & Electric’s technicians are always waiting to help, and our team can work with you to provide the help you need.

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