At American Air, Plumbing & Electric, we understand that there are limited common ways to dispose of your unused furnace oil in Oviedo, FL. Your furnace can serve as a great source of comfort in the winter, creating much-needed heat for you and your family. However, we live in a relatively warm climate, and as owners of furnaces know, the amount of unused oil can add up, leaving you wondering what to do with it.

Of course, oil is not a substance you can just safely toss in the trash can. From the harm it can do to wildlife to the problems it can cause when left in recycling, there are countless reasons that traditional disposal sources aren’t the best options. Let’s consider the various ways to safely get rid of your unused furnace oil.

Do You Need to Follow Safety Guidelines When You Dispose of Your Oil?

You may be wondering if there is any way to disregard disposal rules and protocols and just throw the oil away on your own. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates how the oil should be disposed of. It stipulates that it must be disposed of at licensed recycling centers rather than in traditional receptacles such as residential trash cans. These regulations are legally binding. In addition, many states such as Florida have laws governing the disposal and dictating that nobody may simply throw it away.

Who Can You Ask Locally About Disposing of Your Old Oil?

Before taking any steps to dispose of your unused furnace oil, you can check with your local waste management provider. These companies are typically familiar with the best practices associated with throwing out the unused furnace oil you’re looking to get rid of. There are specific local guidelines that they will be able to help you learn. You may be required to also label the oil as such before disposing of it. Rather than making guesses, you should contact such a service.

If you cannot get anywhere with your local waste management company, then it might be time to contact the oil supplier itself. These companies often keep documentation on hand that can be used to assist you with getting rid of the old furnace oil. Before you contact one of these companies, ensure that you have all the information about the type of oil it is.

Can Your Local HVAC Company Dispose of This for You?

Yes, at American Air, Plumbing & Electric, we are experts at disposing of your old unused furnace oil and maintaining your heating system. There are some steps you will need to take on your own to ensure that we can expediently dispose of it properly and safely. By using an experienced company rather than doing it yourself, you can have the peace of mind of being backed by professionals who will dispose of this material according to the ethics and laws that govern how it should be done.

First, you will want to make sure that the oil is in a dry and clean container. Ensuring that it isn’t contaminated with any other agent is crucial for clean and safe disposal. Even dirt or water being in the mix can affect how well it can be recycled. When you put the oil into the container, using a funnel can help you avoid spilling it.

Once you have put the oil into a container, make sure that you have sealed off the container. It should be completely sealed in a way that stops it from becoming cross-contaminated. Handing it off to your local professionals to dispose of ensures that it will be transported carefully to the correct site.

What Are the Reasons You Need to Dispose of Oil Properly?

You might be wondering why you should be bothered to get rid of this furnace oil in an ethical and legal manner. Here are some of the biggest reasons to throw it away safely and properly.

First, the oil can be recycled and made into amazing things. For example, new roads’ asphalt could be partially made with your old furnace oil! Even though it may be nearly useless in its current state, it could be part of products that help push society forward. Recycling is a major motivation to dispose of your old furnace oil correctly.

Second, if you dispose of the oil improperly, it can cause harm to the environment. In its recycled forms, it can turn into many useful products, but if disposed of improperly, it can be a risk to some of nature’s most precious assets. The destruction of endangered species and other problems can be avoided by simply disposing of old furnace oil in an ethical manner.

Third, there is actually a shelf life of furnace oil that you may not be aware of yet. Keeping old oil around to use in your furnace, especially in an environment like Florida’s that is warm so much of the year, could be tempting to try. However, you must keep in mind that oil’s shelf life is about a year. Once a year has passed, oil can break down and actually become harmful to use. Don’t risk using old oil; instead, you should contact your local HVAC professionals and ask to have them dispose of the older oil. It might cost a bit more, but buying new oil once yours has aged to a year can be critical for the health of your furnace.

What Advantages Are There to Using American Air, Plumbing & Electric for Oil Disposal?

Though doing it yourself might save a few bucks, there are several benefits to using your local HVAC professionals to dispose of this unused furnace oil for you. Time is money, and it can take a huge amount of time to throw away your own furnace oil.

Let’s consider what goes into properly disposing of older furnace oil on your own. First, you will need to find a suitable container for it. You would need to find one that meets all transportation and disposal guidelines. The hunt for such a container could prove to be a major expenditure of money and time.

Assuming you’re able to find such a container, you’d need a method of putting the oil into it. You would then need to find a way to seal it completely. Even leaving just a slight leak could mean the container potentially spilling all over your vehicle during transportation.

Of course, transportation to a disposal facility is the biggest component of the process, and you would have to accomplish this in your own vehicle. You’d need to figure out where to go and how to legally and safely dispose of the oil. You would also need to then make the return trip home. Just leaving all of these details to the professionals takes out the complexity, and you can have confidence in knowing that the material will be disposed of safely and ethically.

At American Air, Plumbing & Electric in Oviedo, we can do a lot more than dispose of your oil. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team also cleans ducts and helps local homeowners improve their indoor air quality. We have NATE-certified technicians and an A+ rating from the BBB. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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