Sometimes, no matter how meticulously you safeguard your AC unit, no matter how carefully you have it set up to avoid encountering any problems, something still goes wrong. It may be because a part has gotten jarred loose, or it could be because inclement weather knocked a hose off its seat and disconnected it.

Or, it could be because some animal wiggled its way into your AC and ruined it. You can’t guarantee that you’ll never have to deal with a curious mouse that found a new home in your condenser or a snake that decided the shiny metal box was a cool resting spot from the heat, but you can take steps to minimize that risk.

In the same way, we at American Air, Plumbing & Electric have put together a couple of things you can do at home to limit the number of pests that can cause damage to an appliance as critical to your home’s comfort level as an AC unit is. Keeping it in working order is vital — and removing pests is something we all try to do anyway.

Protect the Outdoor Unit

While you may be able to prevent any pests like mice or snakes from entering your home by sealing entrances and plugging any holes, the outdoor condenser is still at risk. The cool, shady box is an attractive place for these intruders to hang out and avoid the hot Florida sun, so they make a beeline for it when they can.

  • Be sure to maintain a clean area around the condenser itself. Cut the grass and weeds, trim back vegetation, and remove any debris that may have piled up near it. These environments offer an ideal place for pests to congregate and nest, and it won’t be long before they migrate to the condenser.
  • Lay down some chemicals, such as sulfur-based snake repellent. Don’t dump a metric ton of pesticides there, however, because too many chemicals can end up posing a risk to you and your family as they get sucked into the air circulation.
  • Build a protective fence around the condenser. This may be the most effective way to limit pest-related invasions — but only if you construct a fence that is free of the tiny holes that these smaller animals can wiggle their way through.

What About the Rest?

Indoor pest control is a bit trickier since you can’t dump a barrel of pesticide on your floors or construct barriers in your hallway. What you can do, however, is take smaller but effective steps to minimize the number of pests that can wreak havoc indoors.

  • Invest in a pest control service that sprays regularly to kill insects. Having a professional treat your home is safer and more effective than trying to undertake this job yourself.
  • Install covers over your vents and registers. Mice and other small pests can sneak their way into them if there isn’t anything preventing them from doing so — most covers are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Have your ducts sealed. Any opening is an invitation for intruders, so you want to make sure they have a little room to operate as possible.

You’ve already got a ton of things to worry about at home every day — a wayward mouse creeping into your AC system shouldn’t have to be one. Whether you’re currently experiencing complications from something like that, or if you just want to take the necessary steps to make sure your AC unit is working the way it should give American Air, Plumbing & Electric a call at (407) 512-9337 to speak to one of our many experienced professionals!

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