Often when we’re at home and something is wrong with our air system, we can go straight to blaming the thermostat. Unless you’re someone with a lot of HVAC experience, this makes sense! Thermostats are what we use most of the time anyway, so, understandably, we’d automatically assume this device was to blame.

But how do you know when it’s the thermostat’s fault or when it could be something bigger and more complicated? Well, that’s what we’re here to help with! Read through a few of these key indicators that the pros at [company_nam,e] have put together to get a better idea of what you should focus on.

Uneven Temperatures in the Home

Sometimes you’ll be wandering through your home to whatever urgent household task requires your attention, and it’ll feel like you’re walking through two entirely different environments. While the temperature might be great in one area, it can change dramatically throughout just a few feet.

When a thermostat isn’t working normally, it switches on and off repeatedly because it thinks that it’s reached the desired temperature before realizing it hasn’t. This results in extreme temperatures in one part of the house that don’t reach the other areas.

Adjustments Don’t Work

The most obvious sign that you’ve got a thermostat problem on your hands is when you attempt to change the temperature and find out nothing’s happened. Something needs fixing, but what?

The most likely culprits are the wiring or something with the computer in the thermostat. Unless you’re handy with electrical work, you’d probably need to leave this up to a professional – like American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical!

The Furnace or Air Conditioning Won’t Turn Off

Here’s a problem that grinds our gears. A functional thermostat will kick the AC or furnace on when you set it to a different temperature, and once it reaches that temperature it’ll switch the unit off until it decides it’s time to start cooling/heating again.

But when something’s not working right, the HVAC unit will keep on chugging well after it should’ve cut off. It honestly might take a little while for you to notice something like this, but once you do it’ll get extremely annoying. It might take some sky-high energy bills, but once you realize what’s going on it’s imperative to fix it quickly.

There are a few reasons this could be happening. Your thermostat could again have some wiring issues, which can cause a whole host of problems. It could also be located in a place in your house that leads to some incorrect readings. If it’s in a drafty place like near a window or door, the air could be impacting how the thermostat reads the temperature of your air.

Your Thermostat Experts

Whatever the issue is, American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical is here to help. Our technicians have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience servicing all types of thermostats, and we’ll be glad to solve whatever’s going on with yours.

Give us a call at (407) 512-9337 and we’ll schedule an appointment today!

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