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    HVAC Tips for Pet Owners


  • HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

    December 7, 2018

    There isn’t anything quite like having a furry friend to play with and keep you company at home. They’re always there for you, and they’ll give you someone to talk to without any of the snark or indifference you might get from another person.

    But you still have to account for another resident of your home, and your pet requires some care to make sure your air quality doesn’t suffer. Pets don’t need the same type of care that another person does, but they need their own special help in their own way. Here are a few HVAC tips for Central Florida residents from the pros at American Air & Heat!

    Change Your Filter – More Often than Usual

    Of course, you’re supposed to change your air filter every 30 days or so. However, that’s simply the default recommended interval for everyone, and it doesn’t take specific situations into account. When you’ve got a pet, you’re going to see an increase in dirty air particles. Those build up over time, so it only makes sense to change your filter more frequently.

    It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’ll keep your air fresher and cleaner for both you and your friend.

    Work on Ductwork

    Even though you don’t notice anything wrong in your everyday air quality, there could be some problems laying just beneath the surface – or rather, above it. Your ducts are the first line of defense against harmful air particles, and unless you have them professionally cleaned, they’re going to get icky.

    A pet introduces a lot of contaminants that wouldn’t otherwise be present in your home, and those tend to take root in your ducts. Schedule a duct-cleaning from an indoor air quality expert you trust – like from American Air & Heat – and you’ll be breathing easy.

    Schedule Inspections

    This one goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. Your pet creates a unique air-quality situation that wouldn’t normally be there, but if you have your HVAC unit inspected regularly, it won’t be a problem. This is a foolproof way to ensure you and your pet enjoy clear, purified air for years to come.

    On top of that, an inspection lets you know when you’ve got smaller HVAC problems that could grow into more serious issues eventually. However, since an inspection catches problems beforehand, you end up saving a significant amount of money on potential repairs.


    American Air & Heat: Helping You and Your Pet Stay Comfortable

    We want to make sure all of our Central Florida neighbors enjoy the cleanest air possible – and that includes our canine and feline neighbors as well. Maintaining your HVAC system is critical to ensuring you and your furry friends enjoy clear, breathable air for years to come, and we’ll help you do that.

    American Air & Heat can handle every aspect of HVAC service from A to Z, and you’ll never have to worry about receiving dishonest and unreliable work from us. All of our team members maintain a high standard of quality, and we stand by our work.

    Give us a call at 800-421-2665 for more information!