As a company with almost three decades of providing efficient and reliable HVAC services, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our customers comfortable in all kinds of Florida weather. But have you ever wondered what life was like before the advent of air conditioning? We’ve compiled a brief description of those days below. It may just help you to appreciate the great strides that have been made in this field in recent years.

Natural Cooling

Early cave dwellers sought protection from the elements and four-legged enemies by living in caves. No doubt they soon discovered that cave living also kept them quite comfortable as temperatures are typically at a pleasant 50 degrees throughout the year. While humankind has progressed far beyond living in caves, utilizing the earth as an effective cooling agent still exists today with the use of thick stones and outer brick walls in some houses. Houses with spacious basements and split-level homes are modern versions of cave living as well.

High Ceilings

When using the earth’s cooling capacity was not feasible, architects resorted to taking advantage of another law of thermal physics to cool their surroundings — hot air rises. Houses with hand high ceilings trap rising hot air close to the ceilings and away from the lower part of the room where people gather. Buildings were constructed with open stairwells that vented heat upwards. Some houses were constructed with turrets (towers) that functioned as heat exhaust vents, trapping the hot air that rises and forcing it back outdoors.

Socialized Cooling

Front porches became popular both as a way to escape a hothouse and to socialize with one’s neighbors. Sitting on the porch on humid days was an excellent way to keep cool and to share news and other bits of gossip, especially in small rural towns across the country. Some people even resorted to sleeping on the porch on extremely hot nights. In cities, it was not uncommon for apartment dwellers who had no access to porches to sleep on the fire escape during scorching summer evenings.

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