A qualified AC installation contractor will perform all the necessary jobs to ensure your quality air conditioner performs efficiently. They will understand every component and function of your HVAC system. Additionally, they will perform load calculations to verify the size of the air-conditioning unit is optimal for cooling the size of your home, condo, or townhome.

An Efficient Running AC Unit
An efficient running AC unit will clean the warm air being pulled into the air conditioner through the return duct. As the air moves through the “air handler” it is cooled and blown into the duct system that is designed to circulate the air throughout your home. The unit will operate at a steady pace providing cold air until the temperature in the room reaches the preset temperature on the thermostat.

The Condenser
The cooling is performed by a condensing unit that is usually located on the outside of your home, positioned on the side or back of your property, or possibly on the roof. Your AC equipment works by using a refrigerant that removes the heat from the air inside your home. The blower inside the air conditioner in the home will push cooled air through the duct system.

Non-Leaking Ductwork
Your qualified AC installation contractor will install new ducts, or inspect old ducts to ensure they have no leaks. Any duct in your home that leaks can cause cold or hot spots, produce noise, and even cause vibration. Any leak in a duct can significantly lengthen the time it takes to cool down your home. Additionally, because leaks make the AC unit run longer to produce a comfortable temperature in the house, the air conditioner becomes inefficient and requires additional energy to operate.

A Clean System
By changing your filters regularly (typically once each month) you can significantly reduce the chance of depositing dirt on the inside of your ductwork. This also reduces the level of contaminants, debris, and dirt that circulates through your home every day.

An effective air-conditioning system works by recycling the air in your home. Leaving your windows or doors open can allow cooled air to quickly escape the living area and cause your air conditioner to run longer. It is highly suggested to “tighten up” your home by eliminating or reducing the number of leaky windows and doors to ensure optimal air-conditioning operation.

Upon completion of a newly installed air conditioner, your AC installation contractor will perform quality checks on your new unit to ensure it is operating properly.

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