You flip the switch on your AC, the same way that you’ve done it every day for the past few months. Usually, the fan would kick on and you’d start to feel the cool rush of air you’re expecting from the vents. But for some reason, it isn’t happening this time! There might be a few reasons your home isn’t cooling correctly.

The AC itself could be at fault, or it might be because there’s something wrong with the actual circuitry of the system. Whatever it is, we’ll list a few of the more common reasons it’s not working correctly. Follow along and let the experts at American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical help you solve this conundrum!

A Broken Piece of Machinery

Your whole cooling cycle includes various pieces of machinery and several intricate connections, and that means there are lots of opportunities for something to break.

  • Blower Fan Motor: Without a properly functioning fan, your unit won’t be able to get rid of the excess heat sitting around in your home. And when that heat has nowhere to go, your home is going to have a much harder time cooling down!
  • Condenser/Compressor: These devices are supposed to help in the heat-transfer process throughout your AC’s cooling cycle. When they aren’t working – whether it’s because of a loose connection or a faulty electrical component – you’ll notice a distinct drop-off in cooling power as the cooling cycle struggles to work correctly.

Duct Leaks

Another critical part of your home’s AC system is the ductwork you likely have running throughout the inner workings of your home’s structure. These ducts carry the cool air throughout your home and to the vents in various rooms, and keeping them in tip-top shape is important.

So when they leak, your valuable cool air is lost to the interior spaces of your home that nobody lives in. It can be hard to detect duct leaks, however, so if you’ve run through all other options and still haven’t figured out why your home isn’t cooling, call an expert to check your ducts.

Blocked Airflow

Your ducts will leak, sure, but they can also suffer from blockage and obstructions that will make it hard for your home to cool down as well. Over time, dust can accumulate and build up in your ductwork, and your AC system will have to work harder to cool your home to the level you want.

This not only creates an environment where your home will struggle to cool your home properly, but the extra effort will result in a spike in the cost of your energy bills.

Another way you might experience blockage is when you forget to change out your air filter. Make sure to maintain a rough 30-day filter-changing schedule so you don’t forget – otherwise you’ll run into the same problems!

American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical: Helping Solve Your Cooling Problems

When your home’s AC is on the fritz, time is of the essence. You and your family need help ASAP, and the experts at American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical are here to help! With our highly trained technicians and 24/7 emergency service, we’ll be there to help determine the reasons your home isn’t cooling correctly and get your home back to feeling cool and comfortable in no time.

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