People often confuse crocodiles and alligators, yet they couldn’t be more dissimilar. Moreover, it’s their differences that require them to live in separate worlds. There’s one place on earth, though, where these two animals co-exist—Florida’s Everglades National Park.

Heating and cooling systems are frequently housed in separate units because of their differences, too. However, with Florida’s sweltering hot summers and cooler winters, your home must have both a cooling and a heating solution—or both in one.

At American Air, Plumbing & Electric, our technicians will help you achieve complete contentment with the right heating and cooling plans for your home. From a dependable heat pump installation in Osceola County to various air conditioning and heating services in Lake Mary, FL, our swift and efficient services will give you peace of mind—all year long.

A Big Bite of Resemblances

From long tails to short legs, alligators and crocodiles feature many physical similarities that make it easy to mistake one for the other—unless, of course, you take the time to carefully study these reptiles’ skins. It is here that their differences become obvious.

For those new to the HVAC industry, heating and cooling can seem the same because both systems continuously work to keep homeowners comfortable. However, when you dig deeper, it’s evident the two systems play very different roles in your home: heating systems keep you cozy and warm, while air conditioning units ward off Florida’s heat for chilled relief.

All-Around Comfort

Crocodiles and alligators don’t live together because they thrive in different environments. Crocodiles live in salt-water habitats while alligators live in fresh-water marshes and lakes. Yet, Florida’s Everglades National Park has made cohabitation possible with its versatile environments.

Similarly, heating and cooling solutions rely on different parts and systems to provide your home with the comfort you need. Although, rather than generating energy, heat pumps move air from the inside of your home to the outside—and vice versa. This adaptable nature makes it possible for heating and AC to living together within one system.

After a While, Crocodile

Even though Florida doesn’t normally get as chilly in the winter as some other states, it still experiences an influx of cooler temperatures, making it vital for your home to prepare itself to combat whatever Mother Nature throws it’s way.

At American Air, Plumbing & Electric, our HVAC team encourages you to follow the same path as Florida’s Everglades National Park by installing a home comfort system that supports heating and cooling cohabitation.

Our dependable heat pumps are the total comfort package for your home. The heat cools your home while using less energy to get the job done, making heat pumps the high-efficiency solution to achieve indoor contentment.

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