A dog is, as the saying goes, a man’s best friend. And while that’s true, your thermostat might give Fluffy a run for his money here in Orlando. It keeps you and your family from suffering from the heat and humidity, and it turns your home into a cool and comfortable place of respite.

But in the same way that your dog doesn’t always behave – how many times has it chewed on a piece of furniture or decided it needed to alert you every time a car drove down the road? – your thermostat isn’t always going to cooperate. The energy bills are the unfortunate downside to cranking the AC up, and that’s always a bit of a bummer when that piece of paper comes in the mail each month.

What if we told you there’s a solution to that problem? Well, there is, and it’s called a smart thermostat. Sure, it seems like “smart” appliances are all the rage these days – a “smart refrigerator?” What’s that? – but a smart thermostat can truly revolutionize the way you go about cooling and heating your home.

American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical’s team of top-notch technicians has the tools and expertise to introduce one to your home, and we’re confident it’ll give your home the environment you desire.

Okay, What is a Smart Thermostat?

To put it simply, a smart thermostat figures out when you’re home and when you’re not, and it can adjust the cooling power of your home accordingly.

When you leave home in the morning for work or school, there’s no need to run the AC because nobody is home to enjoy it! All the time you spend with it cranked on is just burning money. You might be able to remember to shut it off every day, but there’s no guarantee you won’t forget here and there.

A smart thermostat can set a schedule for when you leave and adjust how much the AC runs throughout the day. By figuring out the optimal times to increase the power, a smart thermostat avoids spending the extra money on pointless cooling.

Big Savings Over Time

The basic benefit you’ll get by investing in a smart thermostat is the incremental savings you’ll notice over time. It might not seem like you’re making all that much of a difference, but give it time. Around the end of the year, glance at how much you’ve spent compared to a traditional HVAC on/off system – the difference will be staggering.

And it doesn’t stop there. A smart thermostat offers plenty of modern amenities and benefits that a traditional system doesn’t otherwise provide:

  • Full-color touchscreens
  • Extremely versatile programming – total customization and energy conservation
  • Humidity detection capabilities
  • Email alerts that provide service reminders and diagnostics
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Plenty of others!

We at American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical recommend that all of our customers make the switch to a smart thermostat. Not only will you and your family experience unprecedented comfort, but you’ll watch the savings start to stack up as well! Give us a call at (407) 512-9337 and schedule an appointment to learn more about one today!

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