Updated: 2/2/2024

The air ducts in your home play a crucial role in your heating and cooling system, facilitating the transfer of conditioned air throughout your living spaces. To ensure the air you breathe is free from contaminants, it’s essential to keep your air ducts clean and free of dust, dirt, and dander. If you’re uncertain about the necessity of professional air duct cleaning and how often it should be performed, American Air & Heat has the answers you’re looking for!

Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned? The Answer: It’s Not Necessary

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), duct cleaning is generally not required unless you observe specific issues:

  • Infestation: Presence of rodents, cockroaches, or other insects in your ductwork.
  • High amounts of dust, debris, and dander: Noticeable release from your supply vents.
  • Mold growth: Mold can impede HVAC inspections, and if it infiltrates your duct insulation, removal becomes necessary.

These issues pose significant harm to your system and are the only reasons to seriously consider air duct cleaning. However, it’s important to note that duct cleaning alone may not substantially improve system efficiency, as emphasized by the EPA. Cleaning other components like coils and filters may have a more significant impact. For instance, changing your air filter, according to the Department of Energy, can reduce energy consumption by 5 to 15%.

Is Duct Cleaning Safe For Your System?

If you choose professional duct cleaning services, thorough research on the company and their services is crucial. When done safely and properly, duct cleaning poses no harm to your system, ensuring it remains in optimal condition.

How Much Do Professional Duct Cleaning Services Cost?

Duct cleaning services can range up to $1000, with costs influenced by factors such as dirt buildup, mold, infestation levels, system size, and duct accessibility. Beyond ducts, many companies offer comprehensive cleaning services for various heating and cooling system components.

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