There’s nothing quite like cozying up to a warm bonfire on a chilly summer night, surrounded by the ones you love. Stories are shared, hugs are embraced, laughter is spread and, of course, s’mores are made.

However, there’s a method behind making the perfect s’more to put the icing on a perfect night: the graham crackers must be broken into flawless squares, the finest piece of chocolate must be placed and just slightly melted on the graham cracker, and the marshmallow must be heated to brown-crusted perfection. Ah, yes, the ideal bonfire sandwich.

At American Air, Plumbing & Electric, there’s only one thing we find more comfort in than the perfect summer night: an efficient and long-lasting HVAC unit. That’s why our team has worked diligently to perfect our AC services in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding communities. So, after you’re finished cozying up by the fire outside, our reliable AC services will ensure that you can retreat to the cool contentment of your home—all season long.

The Fundamentals

To have a perfectly operating air conditioning unit, you must have the perfect combination of AC services: AC installation, repair, and maintenance. Well, at American Air, Plumbing & Electric, we provide just that.

Keep it Together

The graham cracker is the base of the s’more; it holds the chocolate and marshmallows together. And without that sturdy and perfectly square piece, the s’more would crumble. Likewise, proper AC installation is the base of an efficiently operating AC system. Without it, there would be no such thing as a cool and content home. That’s why trusting American Air, Plumbing & Electric’s NATE-certified experts with your AC unit installation will ensure that you have a reliable unit that won’t crumble during summer’s roaring heat waves.

Chocolate Emergency

From the chocolate sitting too close to the fire, to a completed s’more being held together for too long before being eaten, there’s always a chance that the s’more’s chocolate will melt. Similarly, even though proper AC system maintenance reduces the presence of the need for a unit repair, no AC system is immune to a breakdown. The sooner your system is repaired, the less likely it is that your small unit problem will escalate to a larger issue.

Ooey, Gooey Efficiency

The marshmallow is the heart of the s’more. Whether you like it slightly browned or completely burnt, a s’more isn’t a s’more without a marshmallow. Likewise, whether you have a central air conditioning unit or a ductless mini-split, an AC unit can’t operate efficiently and reliably without routine AC system maintenance. From regularly scheduled tune-ups to seasonal maintenance services, biting into your unit’s upkeep needs will improve its efficiency, reduce the potential for costly repairs, extend its lifespan, and lower your energy bills.

Contact American Air, Plumbing & Electric for AC Services in Orlando, FL

The satisfaction from a s’more lasts for a few minutes; however, the contentment from a properly installed, quickly repaired, and well-maintained AC system will last for years to come. At American Air, Plumbing & Electric, our high-quality AC services in Orange County, FL, and the surrounding communities offer the complete cool contentment for you and your family, season after season.

To schedule an AC service or to talk to our team about ways that you can protect your cool, email our team or call us at (407) 512-9337 today!

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