When your air conditioner stops cooling your home evenly, it may be time to have it checked by a professional HVAC company. Before you call a reliable service in your area, however, there are some things you can check first which may address and rectify the inefficient performance of your AC.

Troubleshooting on your Own

Make sure the area you are trying to cool is isolated from the rest of your house. Check that windows are properly closed, and doors are tightly shut, with little or no gaps where cool air can escape. It also helps to keep blinds down and curtains are drawn to prevent outdoor heat from affecting the temperature inside the room.

  • Clean or change the air filter often. During times of heavy use, do this at least once a month. A dirty air filter can cause an air conditioner to function erratically, thus affecting its ability to maintain an even temperature throughout your house.
  • Check your unit’s sensor. Make sure it is not touching the evaporative coil. When the sensor is knocked out of place, it may cause your air conditioner to cycle constantly, preventing it from cooling your house efficiently. Constant cycling also uses up more energy and can result in higher energy bills.

If you are still not happy with the way your air conditioner functions after taking these steps, consider hiring a professional HVAC company to properly maintain or repair your unit. Your AC unit or system may have a serious refrigerant leak that only an experienced technician can address and correct properly. Refrigerants can be quite harmful to the environment; if you suspect you leak, call an HVAC company you can trust to handle the problem quickly and professionally.

By maintaining your air conditioner regularly and properly, you can lower your energy consumption and cost significantly without sacrificing a comfortable home environment.

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