It’s hard to believe but spring has sprung. Springtime is the season for rebirth, renewal, and re-growth. It also brings to mind the long-standing tradition of spring cleaning, but it’s also a great time to tackle those spring maintenance chores as well.

Did you know that during the 19th century in America, before the advent of the vacuum cleaner, March was often the best time for dusting because it was getting warm enough to open windows and doors, but not warm enough for insects to be a problem, and the high winds could carry the dust out of the house? For the same reason, modern rural households often use the month of March and April for cleaning projects as well as addressing other maintenance items as well.

Below is a list of items we recommend adding to your spring cleaning list. The good news is that many of the items on the list take very little time so you will still have plenty of time to tackle the other chores on your list.

Clean or replace your a/c filters every month. Most systems come with manufacturer recommendations as to how often to wash or replace the filters. AC filters range in size, design, quality, and price. Most disposable filters are relatively inexpensive; however, they need to be replaced frequently. Specialty and HEPA filters are more expensive but provide higher-quality filtration. Washable filters are more expensive; however, since they are washable they can save you money with ongoing maintenance costs. A new or well-maintained filter helps remove particles that reduce airflow and appliance efficiency as well as prevents dust and dirt from penetrating the motor.
Most air conditioning systems have a drainage hole on the base of the cabinet below the evaporator fins. Keep this hole free and clear so that the unit can work properly. Now is an excellent time to use a tool such as wire or a paper clip to poke through the hole and clear any obstructions.
Walk around your home and inspect any joints, gaps, or cracks. Pay close attention to areas where unlike materials connects. This would include areas between your walls and your foundation as well as your brick and siding. Seal any obvious air leaks using a caulking material.
Open and close all windows to ensure they are properly working. Ask yourself these two simple questions. Do they all open without difficulty? Do they close without difficulty? If there is a problem, inspect the weather stripping. This is a simple repair that can help improve your air comfort as well as reduce your energy costs.
Once per year, it’s a good idea to remove the cover from your bathroom fans and wipe the fan blades with a washcloth and soap, and water. If the blades are real dirty use a scrubbing brush. Turn off the power before you begin!
Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors twice a year (Spring and Fall). Clean the detectors using a dust rag or vacuum cleaner. Once done, perform a test to ensure they are working properly.
Now is also a great time to inspect your fire extinguishers. Check to ensure that they are fully charged and mounted in a location that is easily accessible.
Spring is an excellent time of year to contact American Air & Heat to perform a tune-up on your air conditioning system. Click here to learn more.

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