If you are still using an old, manual thermostat in your home, consider going smart! Smart thermostats have an added convenience that allows you to manage your home’s temperature no matter where you are so you can stay comfortable all the time while also saving energy. Here are the top 5 reasons why smart thermostats are worth the investment.

  1. Remote Access
    As mentioned briefly above, remote access is one of the biggest benefits of using a smart thermostat. For example, if you want to change your temperature while away from home, you can do so from your mobile device. Let’s say you’re just getting back from vacation and your heater has been off for a few weeks. With a smart thermostat, you can turn it on so you walk in a nice, warm home instead of what feels like the Antarctica!
  2. Track Energy Consumption
    Smart thermostats make it easy to track and reduce your energy use. Your smart thermostat will be able to provide you with reports that give you a clear understanding of how much energy you’re using, where you’re using it, and any consumption patterns that may be good to know. With this information, you’re able to adjust your habits to limit your energy waste, save on heating bills, and help the environment.
  3. Minimizes Human Mistakes
    Humans make mistakes. Smart thermostats? They’re pretty much perfect. They help prevent human errors by allowing you to pre-set your temperature preferences for different times of the day so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to change the temperature or turn off your HVAC unit before you leave the house. Smart thermostats are exactly that: smart. They learn your behaviors and schedule and automatically adjust according to that.
  4. Keeps You In Check
    Do you ever forget to do tasks, such as changing your air filter? Luckily, a smart thermostat is there to keep you in line! You can now set reminders and ask that your thermostat reminds you when you’re due for HVAC maintenance or a filter change.
  5. Spend Less on Energy Bills
    According to a study done by Nest, a smart thermostat can save roughly 10-15% on heating and cooling costs. This is due to the fact smart thermostats offer the ability to access the thermometer remotely, track energy consumption, and adjust temperatures automatically each day based on your routines.

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