Homes in Oviedo should ensure that they have an HVAC system that can handle the area’s weather all year-round. Not only is the integrity of the unit in the home important, but it’s also imperative to choose the right unit that will provide comfortable air flow. Most modern HVAC systems contain variable speed air controllers as a primary component. They are vital for controlling conditioned air distribution throughout the space. Compared to the single speed type, the variable speed options generally provide a higher level of comfort and efficiency.

What is an Air Handler?

What an air handler does is something you need to understand before delving into the specifics of the variable speed type. An air handler has a motor, blower fan, and filter. The motor is a variable speed type for a variable speed air handler. This type of device is usually somewhere in your home, such as your attic, basement, or utility closet.

An HVAC system creates conditioned air, and then the air handler works to distribute it. It pushes the cold air over the evaporator coil and sends it into your living spaces. When using this unit for heat, it pushes it over the heat exchanger before it sends it into your living spaces.

Single Speed vs. Variable Speed

Knowing how variable speed units compare to single-speed ones makes it helpful when picking the best air handler for your home.

When your HVAC system is running, the single-speed type runs at a fixed speed. This is usually at high speed. They are always running at full capacity since their only settings are off or on. You may notice increased energy usage and fluctuations in temperature since this air handler type cycles abruptly.

The variable speed type has a motor that works at different speeds. It makes automatic adjustments due to the cooling or heating load. You can run this type of air handler at a low speed for extended periods of time. This will help regulate your home’s humidity levels and temperature. These units are also energy-efficient since they can maintain a stable temperature with minimal energy usage.

Variable Speed Air Handler Functioning

The variable speed motor on the air handler is the unit’s key component. The motor can adjust the speed to work efficiently for your home’s cooling or heating load.

There are controls and sensors inside this system. The sensors work to monitor humidity and temperature. The sensor also provides data to the controls, and these will figure out what the motor speed needs to be to keep your home at the temperature that you choose.

The variable speed makes for a more energy-efficient air handler. This is because the speed adjustments allow it to use the exact amount of energy needed for the cooling and heating loads. It also uses less energy when it is starting up, compared to a single speed air handler.

This type of air handler operates smoothly since it does not stop and start abruptly like a single speed unit does. The lower continuous speeds that this unit can run at help to ensure no sudden temperature swings, gentle airflow, and even temperatures in every area of your home.

Variable Speed Air Handler Benefits

Several benefits come with using a variable speed air handler. The temperature is more comfortable and consistent with this type of unit. You do not have to worry about temperature fluctuations happening suddenly since the unit has a low-speed, continuous motor. These air handlers also keep the humidity in your home at an ideal level for further comfort.

Compared to single speed units, this type of air handler is more energy efficient. It will use as little energy as possible while keeping your home comfortable. It also helps with energy efficiency by not frequently cycling off and on like a single speed unit does.

This unit is quieter than the single speed type. Less noise comes from the low-speed, continuous operation.

Air quality improves with a variable speed unit due to the longer operating cycles. These are able to remove allergens, pollutants, and airborne particles more effectively. They are also better for air filtration.

If your home has a zoning system, this type of air handler is compatible. This is because they are able to adapt to the cooling and heating needs in the various zones of your home. As a result, your HVAC system works more efficiently, and your home is more comfortable.

The efficient and gradual operation of this type of unit decreases the stress on its various components. There is also a reduction in wear and tear due to it not cycling off and on so frequently. Both of these factors help to increase a variable speed air handler’s lifespan.

Variable Speed Air Handler Uses

This type of air handler can be a good option for various applications. One of the most common uses is in residential homes. This is because it helps to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of a home’s HVAC system.

If you have a home that has multiple zones for cooling and heating, this type of air handler can be helpful. Different zones have varying demands for cooling and heating, and this air handler unit is able to manage them. It will work efficiently while maintaining a comfortable temperature in every zone.

Some older or historic buildings can have more efficient cooling and heating due to this type of air handler. Central HVAC systems and duct work generally require retrofitting to work, so builders often use ductless mini-splits instead. This air handler works well with the mini-split to maintain a comfortable temperature.

These air handlers may also be a good choice for certain commercial buildings. This is especially true for those who have several separate businesses in one building. Since each company will have its own temperature preferences to keep visitors comfortable, this type of air handler is often the most efficient choice.

Homeowner Considerations

First, make sure that this type of air handler will work with your current HVAC system. A professional can take a look at it and let you know if it is an ideal addition.

You should consider maintenance, as it is vital to ensure that your air handler continues to function efficiently and properly. When you schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment, make sure to let them know that you have a variable speed air handler you want them to service as well.

HVAC Professionals in Oviedo

Whether you want to install a new variable speed air handler or simply fix one you already have, we can help you. We also offer several other services to help enhance your home, such as an indoor air quality assessment, duct cleaning services, routine maintenance, and thermostat upgrades.

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