An AC unit is integral to the health and comfort level of your home, and without a properly functioning one, you and your family could find yourselves with sweltering temperatures indoors in the heat of the summer. To avoid this, it’s helpful to find ways to extend the life of your AC unit so it doesn’t break when you can least afford it.

But what are those ways? As it turns out, there are quite a few that don’t take a lot of effort and can make your life much easier. Let the pros at American Air, Plumbing & Electric help you out!

Keep the Outdoor Unit Free of Debris

Your AC system uses an outdoor condenser unit to help get rid of excess air, but when that unit gets blocked it becomes harder for your system to work correctly. The unit, which probably sits on a concrete slab outside, needs plenty of space.

Unfortunately, these units tend to suffocate easily when things like branches, trash, and animals’ nests get too close. Any type of debris will make your AC unit work harder to cycle through, which will lead to drops in efficiency and spikes in your energy bill. Make sure to clear out at least a 5-foot space around your outdoor condenser unit every so often to keep it running longer!

Add Insulation

We usually associate insulation with staying warm during the winter, but its job isn’t just to keep cool air out. It traps air inside regardless of the temperature, so if you insulate your attic and basement, you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures during the summer. A home that doesn’t have the necessary insulation will slowly lose energy to the outside air, and your home’s cooling and heating efficiency will suffer.

To find out if you need more insulation or not, you can call a professional to perform an audit of your home. They’ll be able to tell if your home needs additional insulation or not, and they’ll be able to install it as well.

Be Sure to Change Your Filter

Arguably the most important component of extending the life of your AC unit is staying on top of the filter-changing schedule. When you change your filter on time – which should be roughly every 30 days or so – you’ll ensure that your unit stays running without sacrificing air quality or efficiency. An old air filter creates a roadblock for your airflow, so to speak, so your AC has to kick into overdrive to reach the level of energy you want.

As long as you remember to change your air filter on time, though, you should be golden.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

However, scheduling routine inspections is something everyone should be doing. When a technician visits your AC unit a few times a year, they’ll tell you when something looks amiss. Thanks to their trained eye, a professional will spot tiny issues before they become bigger – and costlier. They’ll make minor adjustments as well that will improve efficiency, and you’ll enjoy a working AC unit for years to come.

Most AC units are designed to last roughly 20 years before they peter out, but some tend to give in even earlier than that. However, by following these tips you’ll extend the life of your AC unit to its maximum lifespan, ensuring that you and your family enjoy a comfortable home year-round.

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