Listed below are a few of the routine maintenance items that should be performed by a certified heating system professional on a forced-air system. And remember, before the technician begins the maintenance process, they should always begin by turning off the electric power supply to the equipment.

The systems fan should be cleaned along with the fan motor. The motor should be lubricated regularly to maintain the proper airflow required for smooth operation. While checking the fan motor, the fan speed should be checked as well. A system’s performance can be hindered by incorrect pulley settings, loose fan belts, or incorrect motor speeds.
Ductwork should be inspected and cleaned to ensure that proper airflow is not restricted by foreign objects such as loose insulation, an abnormal buildup of dust, or any other obstacles.
The return-air grills and warm-air vents should be clean and free of obstructions. It is also possible that parts of the venting system may have deteriorated over time. Because of this, your vent connection pipe and chimney should be inspected.
The air conditioning coil (indoor evaporator) in the furnace should be cleaned or vacuumed as part of furnace servicing.
The physical integrity of the heat exchanger should be evaluated periodically. By doing this visual inspection, leaky heat exchangers sometimes leak water and can easily be detected. Warning: Furnace heat exchangers mix combustion gases with house air when they leak. For this reason alone, it’s important to have this checked.
Monitor the boiler and/or furnace to ensure optimum water and air temperature settings for both system efficiency and home comfort.
The reason why this is so important to you is that preventative maintenance can not only save you money but also give you peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule your air conditioning maintenance today by calling American Air, Plumbing, and Electrical, Inc. at (407) 512-9337.

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