The time comes for us all. Even if you’ve held on to your AC unit for a long time and kept it in terrific shape, you’ll eventually have to replace it. Despite our best efforts, these aren’t designed to last forever, and sooner or later you will need to put in the order for a new one.

But when is it time to replace your AC? There isn’t one clear-cut answer, so you’ll have to make a judgment call, in the end, to determine if it’s time to act or not. How do you make that call? There are a few warning signs – and the professionals at American Air, Plumbing & Electric have made a list of the most common.

Confusing Spikes in Cooling Bills

Fluctuations are normal. The air in your home isn’t the same temperature all the time, so it will understandably get cooler and hotter as the AC figures out where it needs to be. But oftentimes you can point to one thing in particular that caused this.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

When you can’t identify why your AC is acting up, it might be because your unit itself is nearing the end of its lifespan. As it gets older, it’ll have a harder time reaching the right temperature as the parts wear down and lose efficiency.

Sustained Unusual Noises

In the same way that your home experiences normal changes in cooling power, you’ll also notice that it makes some strange noises – sometimes. The occasional clunk or rattle isn’t much to worry about. The house may be settling, or the ducts might be expanding.

3 Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working

However, if the noises don’t stop, or if they get louder when they shouldn’t be, then it’s probably time for investigation. When parts get jarred loose or begin to break down, you’ll most likely hear some noises in your home.

It’s Old

Age matters and that includes appliances. AC units are designed to last roughly 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced, so keep that in mind when you’re considering purchasing a new one. If you’re noticing that things are breaking and need maintenance more than usual, you might be better off taking the plunge for a new unit instead of spending money on countless costly repairs.

Yours Uses Outdated Refrigerant

AC units that were manufactured before 2010 include a type of refrigerant known as Freon, or R-22. However, the U.S. government is mandating that all Freon will be phased out of production by 2020 because of the harmful effects it poses to the environment.

If you’re experiencing refrigerant leakage, we’d recommend buying a new unit instead of having it recharged with Freon. After the 2020 phaseout comes around, you’ll have to pay a hefty premium to get Freon re-installed since it won’t be created any longer. You’re better off, in the long run, switching to a unit that won’t cost a fortune in repairs indefinitely.

American Air, Plumbing & Electric: Your AC Unit Service Experts

Wrestling with the decision to upgrade your AC unit isn’t an easy thing to do. Whether you’re weighing the benefits of a more efficient cooling system or you just need something that won’t stop breaking all the time, American Air, Plumbing & Electric is here to help you with whatever you need!

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