Refrigerant is an incredibly important component of your HVAC system. It is a cooling agent that moves around the coils of your unit, changing from gas to liquid and providing the cooling that you need. Without refrigerant (also known as Freon), your unit would not operate at all.

Your system is a closed-loop system, which means the refrigerant is not meant to decrease in amount. If it does, that means your system might have a leak and it is best to have that leak fixed and the refrigerant refilled. Unfortunately, this is a task that homeowners can’t do by themselves and will need the help of a licensed HVAC technician. While it might seem simple to add refrigerants on your own, it is safer and smarter to enlist the help of a professional. If you still aren’t convinced why you need a licensed technician to refill refrigerant, this blog by American Air, Plumbing & Electric is for you!

  1. Refrigerant is a Dangerous Chemical
    Refrigerant is a necessary part of your unit. Unfortunately, it is also incredibly dangerous. Inhaling high concentrations of Freon can cause breathing issues, organ damage, fluid build-up in the lungs, and even death. While limited exposure is only mildly harmful it’s best to prevent contact with refrigerant altogether.

  2. Licensed Professionals are Trained to Handle It
    The last thing you want to do is improperly handle a dangerous chemical that your HVAC unit needs. Not only will this be incredibly harmful to you, but it is also bad for your unit. If you get the wrong cooling agent, if you spill it, or if you don’t properly repair the leak, it can cause long-term problems for your unit. A licensed HVAC technician is aware of the dangers refrigerant presents and is also trained in refilling it. They can handle refrigerant in a safe, smart way that is good for you and your unit.
  3. There Are Many Laws Governing it
    If you still aren’t convinced about why you should have a licensed technician refill refrigerant, that’s okay. You can take the law’s word for it! Yes, according to the Environment Protection Agency, the law requires that a licensed and certified HVAC professional handle and purchase refrigerant. Anyone who does not possess a license or EPA certification should not purchase or refill the refrigerant.

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