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    Why You Should Use a Licensed Technician to Repair Your AC


  • Why You Should Use a Licensed Technician to Repair Your AC

    September 26, 2013

    When your Orlando air conditioning unit needs a tune-up or repair, consider calling a licensed technician to handle it for you rather than a general handyman. While it may be true that the latter can save you money upfront, a licensed AC repairman from a trusted company is better for you, your AC unit and the environment.

    Protect Yourself

    A professionally qualified AC repairman comes with the guarantee of a licensed and insured company. Should problems arise from any job they do for you, your rights as a consumer are covered and protected under their insurance policy. Most general handymen do not carry professional insurance. When complications arise, you may not have any legal recourse to get your money back. You end up having to call in a licensed AC repairman anyway to finish the job.

    The technicians from American Air & Heat are fully bonded, well-trained and come with years of experience. Any job they perform for their customers is always guaranteed to be professionally done and completed in a timely manner.

    Protect Your Unit

    Older air conditioning units sometimes leak refrigerants into the environment. A licensed technician can detect this and apply the needed solution. Thus, having your AC unit maintained by knowledgeable and experienced technicians may actually extend the life of your air conditioning system. Moreover, most states require a license to handle (and dispose of) refrigerants properly. A general handyman may not be aware of these regulations.

    Protect the Environment

    Refrigerants that are released into the environment can be very harmful. A licensed AC technician can reduce ozone-depleting emissions, as well as properly dispose of potentially harmful refrigerants. They have a legal mandate and the professional training to do so.

    Our licensed and experienced technicians at American Air & Heat are your hardworking partners in maintaining and prolonging the life of your AC unit, as well as protecting the environment from harmful chemicals and emissions.