In Orlando, winters typically aren’t very severe. Even with this year’s crazy weather patterns, temperatures have only rarely dipped below freezing. Nonetheless, you need to keep your HVAC units in top shape—because the second you don’t, you know a freak snowstorm or cold snap will occur.

Be Prepared

Before temperatures begin to drop, usually in late November, you should call out a member of our Orlando HVAC repair team to perform routine maintenance on your HVAC unit. This way, if you need to use it, you will know that your system will work perfectly.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

You can improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit in both winter and summer by improving the energy efficiency of your home as a whole.
Remove window air conditioning units or cover the unit to stop drafts. Control drafts from other doors and windows by adding weatherstripping. Close the air vents in rooms that are not used. Add a programmable thermostat to maximize your climate control efficiency.

When You Turn It On

When the time comes to use your Orlando HVAC to heat your home, know what to expect. Some heating systems will smell like something is burning when you first turn them on. This is dust burning off of the heating coals and it is completely normal. The smell should go away within 15 to 30 minutes.

Consider Not Using It

Most of the time, winters in Florida don’t require the use of your HVAC system. If you can, our Orlando AC repair experts recommend that you just turn your HVAC unit off for the bulk of winter. Open the windows on pleasantly cool days, dress in layers, and enjoy the brief reprieve from the Orlando heat.
You can improve your ability to warm your home even without your HVAC by turning your ceiling fans on in reverse on low so that they can circulate the warm air found near your ceilings. You can also open up your curtains or shutters and use the sun’s light to warm your home.

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