In Central Florida, winters are typically pretty mild – but that doesn’t mean your HVAC unit doesn’t still need a little TLC. Here are the top 5 ways you can prepare your HVAC unit for winter.

Adjust Your Thermostat

While you don’t want to make any drastic changes to the temperature in your home, the changing of seasons often means also changing your temperature. Gradually increase the temperature on your thermostat as things start to cool down. If you need to turn on the heat at any point, then you are prepared without adding too much of a strain on your HVAC unit.

Change Your Air Filter

Between seasons, it’s always a good idea to change your air filter and clean your air vents. A common cause of HVAC breakdowns is clogged air filters. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the filtering system. Not only does this mean you’re breathing in all those contaminants, but it also means your HVAC system isn’t working as efficiently as it could be.

Don’t Forget About Your Ducts

Your air filter isn’t the only thing to pay attention to when it comes to your indoor air quality and HVAC performance. If you are sensitive to allergens, dust, or other contaminants found in your air, then consider regular duct cleaning. Your air ducts are responsible for delivering conditioned air throughout your home, so you want to ensure it’s healthy to air. Not only that, but dirty ducts can also put a significant strain on your HVAC unit. If you want to get rid of unwanted vermin, poor indoor air quality, and high energy bills, then schedule a duct cleaning with American Air, Plumbing & Electric today.

Use Natural Air

Using fans and opening some windows is another good way to prepare your HVAC unit for winter. If you don’t need to use your unit, then don’t. By opening some windows and using fans, you can let in fresher air. This will help keep air circulating throughout your living space without overusing your system.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Last but not least, scheduling HVAC maintenance is another way to be prepared for Florida’s “winter.” It’s possible your AC unit is worn out from operating at high levels during the summer, and your furnace should be checked and cleaned before you start using it for the cooler months. Having a professional do a routine, annual maintenance is a great way to ensure that it’ll work at optimal performance all season long.

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